Nardi Personality Type Indicator™ (NPI™)

Dario Nardi & Michael Robinson


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Title: Nardi Personality Type Indicator™ (NPI™)
By: Dario Nardi
Price: $13.95
Publish Date: January 2011
ISBN: n/a
Number of Minutes: 15
Format: Interactive assessment
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The Nardi Personality Indicator™ (NPI™) is a quick, powerful questionnaire that taps multiple facets of personality. It focuses on the 4 temperaments and 4 social/interactional styles, which together point to 16 types. It is a great complement to your use of other personality assessments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (see * below). The NPI™ adds a complementary data point to help your clients on their journey of understanding themselves and others. Its rich results are also a great way to deepen your own understanding and use of personality type theory.

How It Works: The client experiences a 10-15 minute process that includes short either/or questions and several snapshots to explore and choose. Thus, the NPI™ provides some "intelligent" self-discovery.


The facilitator receives a concise report of the client's results for each facet of personality, including:

  • Ranked preference for 4 temperaments (Improviser/Artisan, Stabilizer/Guardian, etc)
  • Ranked preference for 4 interaction/social styles (In Charge/Driver, Chart the Course/Analytical, etc)
  • The client's top-three likely personality type codes (ESTJ, ISTJ, INFP, etc)
  • Preference along various dichotomies (extraversion v introversion, etc)
  • Jungian cognitive pairs (introverted Sensing, extraverted Thinking, etc)
You are free to use one, some or all of the personality models, as desired. Multiple data points really help "triangulate" a client's best-type.

The report includes a "consistency score" (low to high) that suggests how much face-time may be needed to clarify one's personality.

Please click here to view a sample report for facilitators.

Note: The NPI™ is NOT just a 16-types sorter with extra reporting. It is designed by recognized personality type expert Dario Nardi to tap multiple personality models with questions based on the 4 temperaments (by Keirsey, Berens, et al) and 4 interaction styles (by Berens), which together point to 16 types.

* The MBTI is a registered trademark of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Trust and is published by CPP, Inc (formerly Consulting Psychologist Press).



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