Readings in Formal Modeling and Simulation in the Social Sciences

Various authors collected by Dario Nardi


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Title: Readings in Formal Modeling and Simulation in the Social Sciences
By: Various authors collected by Dario Nardi
Price: $29.95
Publish Date: September 2007
Number of Pages: 550
Format: 8.5" x 11", color spiralbound soft cover, black-and-white interior
Availability: Ships within 7-10 days
Product Code: 701

This tome is a collection of exemplary and interesting college undergraduate research papers chosen from a larger pool of many hundreds of papers. The reader will gain deep insight into when and how to apply various social science models. All but a handful of the papers employ a multiple-models approach, affording a variety of perspectives on complex phenomena relevant to anthropology, business management, communication studies, economics, gender studies, medicine, political science, public policy, social psychology, and related disciplines. Paper titles include everything from The Science of a Shopping Mall to Sexual Intercourse Amongst College Students, and Modeling Roles Within a Family Business to An Examination of 'At Risk' Youth and Gang Culture. The book is divided into 10 sections of related readings that make if a perfect companion for college courses organized by topic or module.

Note: The collection includes occasional markings (as part of the reproduction of the papers) that indicate comments or questions, as the collection serves as a model for college students to write their own papers, with feedback as a way to teach principles of research and reporting.



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