Certification in Neuroscience of Personality (3-Day Workshop)

Dario Nardi


Price $1,385.00

Title: Certification in Neuroscience of Personality (3-Day Workshop)
By: Dario Nardi
Price: $1,385.00
Publish Date: January 2011
ISBN: n/a
Number of Minutes: 3 7-hour days
Format: Live workshop.
Weight: n/a
Availability: In person by appointment or at select events.
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This 3-day certification program is based on Prof. Dario Nardi's book, Neuroscience of Personality, and goes beyond the popular 1-day introductory workshop on the same topic.

Leverage the science behind personality type!

No doubt you've heard the question, "What's the science behind personality type?" Or perhaps you've wondered, "How can I use the latest in neuroscience?" People want to know that their training has a solid basis, especially when there is competition for resources and time. The good news: 7 years of hands-on brain research validates the Jungian framework that inspired the Myers-Briggs model of sixteen types. Dr. Jung's model is dynamic, allowing a lot of room for individuality, and so too the brain. When we know how our brains work, for real, we gain incredible keys to understanding ourselves and others.

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Installment Rate (US $799): Pay $799 now and the balance (typically $385) later to get certified.
Day 1 Only Rate (US $199): For persons who wish to only attend day 1 on brain-savvy coaching and leading.
APT 2-Day Rate (US $999): For APTi members and InterStrength Associates who already attended day 1 and will attend days 2 and 3 only for certification.

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Who should attend? Anyone who coaches, counsels, facilitates, advises, instructs, leads, or otherwise works with people, including O/D professionals. Beneficial for health professionals looking into neuro-therapy. This is particularly for those of us who use Temperament, Myers-Briggs, Interaction/Social Styles, Cognitive Dynamics, Integral Theory, NLP, the Enneagram, and similar models in their work. This workshop now includes readings and research results useful to users of the Enneagram as well as Jungian models.

How you will benefit? You will earn a certificate touting your brain-savvy knowledge of personality type along with specific how-to tips and tangible resources for use with your clients. This is not a science course, though you will learn a lot!

How will organizations benefit? You will be able to offer a more integrated and scientifically-supported approach, including new tools and ways to implement sustainable practices. Increased buy-in and better-fitting results mean more satisfied people.

What will you get?

  • Personal brain imaging session ($200 value)
  • Qualification and ongoing FREE access for you & your clients to the online NeuroPQ cognitive skills assessment
  • $175 worth of HR books and materials
  • Slide deck and PowerPoint elements to use in your trainings
  • Certificate of completion
  • Confidence to integrate neuroscience into your work

    What will you learn? We will address two levels: people's whole-brain patterns that are key to understanding how they focus their attention and make decisions; and the cognitive skill sets that vary individually, even among people of the same personality type. You will also learn specific coaching tips for each type and general neuroscience-based best-practices, including how to activate and support creative expertise and other "in-flow" states. Here's what we'll cover:

    • Brain essentials
    • Scientific basis of personality
    • Coaching tips & activities
    • Exercises for individuals & teams
    • How to assess & build cognitive skills
    • Emotional dynamics
    • Life-time development and careers
    • Executive styles
    • All of these link to the brain

    Continuing Education: In most cases the 3 days grant 21 hours of Continuing Education for members of APA and NBCC.

    Prework: This course starts with pre-reading, including Neuroscience of Personality, 8 Keys to Self-Leadership, and a 90-minute video. You may take a pre-test to help you gather questions for when we meet.

    Perks: Enjoying ongoing performance support. Graduates receive a 30 minutes of free consultation with Prof Dario Nardi plus free or at-cost access to printable materials and a standing invitation for a 2-hour EEG brain scan session, should graduates find themselves in Los Angeles.

    Certificate completion. You gain a certificate when you complete the 3-day training, pass the certification exam, and hand-in a suitable 3-page applications report.

    Performance support.

    Venue: Conducted in English unless stated otherwise. Venues typical includes comfortable half-rounds seating with complementary morning and afternoon snack breaks, lunch, and other times with the group or on your own. Lodging suggestions 1 month prior to the workshop.

    Schedule: This workshop includes:

    • Day 1: "Brain-Savvy Coaching and Leading". Covers brain basics, personality type basics, and brain-savvy coaching with personality type. (This day is open for anyone to attend and is a stand-alone event.)
    • Day 2: "Neuroscience Individual Differences". Covers individual difference among the 16 Myers-Briggs types, tools to profile someone's cognitive skill-set, skill-building exercises, emotional dynamics, and executive styles.
    • Day 3: "Professional Development". Covers professional development, facilitation of activities that build cognitive capabilities, 20-minute brain imagining sessions, and exam preparation.

    Want to See What You're Getting? Watch this Google video.

    Who's Dario? Research fellow, award-winning UCLA professor, author and coauthor of numerous personality and systems books, and frequent international lecturer and keynote speaker.

    Contact Dario Nardi at USA (310) 880-6664 or dnardi@ucla.edu



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