On a Conscious Path (1-Day Workshop)

Dario Nardi


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Title: On a Conscious Path (1-Day Workshop)
By: Dario Nardi
Price: $159.00
Publish Date: September 2017
ISBN: n/a
Number of Minutes: 6 hours
Format: Live workshop.
Weight: n/a
Availability: In person by appointment or at select events.
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In 1932, Dr. Carl Jung gave four talks on yoga, an ancient body-mind practice. With the help of symbols, Jungian quotes, and other playful elements from his talks, we will take a tour of the dynamic layers of un/consciousness. The day includes breath-work and stretching, body-mind advice for specific personality types, and a copy of "Jung on Yoga".

Over the day, we explore the 7 classic Hindu chakras, from "root" to "crown". We draw from Jung's words of wisdom from his yoga talks, illustrations based on those talks, and inspired activities. Includes kundalini-style yoga exercises that you can do in your seat.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Refer to Jung's views of consciousness
  • Sort the classic 7 chakras
  • Understand how consciousness varies by culture, a person's age, and other factors
  • Evaluate their own states of consciousness
  • Appreciate how consciousness runs throughout the whole nervous system (not just the head)
  • Try daily practices that evoke and sustain greater consciousness, or "awakening"
  • Link chakra work to shamanism, archetypes, the Jungian functions, and 16 Myers-Briggs personality types
  • Value the power of symbols, questions, and multiple meanings to get the most of the tension of opposites
This workshop is product of several years of in-depth research and development, with a focus on consciousness as a practice that includes emptying, awakening, balancing, healing, opening up, and more. Is it highly consistent with Jung's work and neuroscience. It is also a significant departure from popular Western models of conscious development.



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