Brain-Savvy Coaching & Leading (1-Day Workshop)

Dario Nardi


Price $199.00

Title: Brain-Savvy Coaching & Leading (1-Day Workshop)
By: Dario Nardi
Price: $199.00
Publish Date: January 2011
ISBN: n/a
Number of Minutes: 6 hours
Format: Live workshop.
Weight: n/a
Availability: In person by appointment or at select events.
Product Code: 900

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Inside your brain are many of the keys to what make you and others tick. Imagine peering into the minds of your clients. Now you can!

Dario Nardi, PhD shares key results and anecdotes from his neuroscience lab in Los Angeles. He views people's brain activity in real time as they engage in activities from signing their name to participating in a speed dating game and handling decision making situations. The results are clear: individual personality differences matter.
Attendees will be able to:

  • Appreciate the 8 Jungian functions in depth
  • More effectively motivate and influence individuals of the 16 Types
  • Help people find and sustain a state of "flow"
  • Have practice with leadership and coaching
  • Practice "priming" activities that help people flex and grow
  • Confidently point to brain research behind the 16 Types
With these secrets in hand, attendees will be able to quickly and powerfully evoke the interest and capabilities of employees, clients, and students. Attendees will receive a workbook and take-away handouts that they can use with clients.



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