Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Change

Donna Dunning


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Title: Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Change
By: Donna Dunning
Price: $9.95
Publish Date: August 2004
ISBN: 978-0974375151
Number of Pages: 44
Format: 8.5" x 11", color softcover, 2-color interior
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This Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Change helps readers navigate change using two tools. The first tool is a step-by-step process for navigating change. This process allows readers to move through a specific change in a structured, practical way and includes strategies for acknowledging, accepting, adjusting to, and anticipating change. The second tool is an understanding and appreciation of individual differences. Using the concepts of temperament, the booklet helps readers understand how innate needs and preferences affect the way people view and prefer to approach change. When readers use these two tools—a process to navigate change and an understanding of individual differences—they are able to navigate change effectively.

We do not navigate change in isolation. Since we move through change with others, the booklet also includes a section providing tips and strategies for helping others to navigate change. Understanding the needs of other temperament groups is especially helpful since it will prompt you to provide information or involve others in the change process in ways that you might not have considered from your own temperament perspective. This section makes the Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Change a useful resource for those planning and implementing organizational change as well as for individuals who are navigating change.

"...a practical guide to using the temperaments to facilitate and shepherd people through personal and organizational transition." -- Hile Rutledge, Managing Partner, Otto Kroeger Associates, and co-author, Type Talk at Work: How 16 Personality Types Determine Your Success on the Job

"...a ready-made workshop tool or coaching template for any organization (or change agent) seeking an effective change management resource." -- Helen Scully, Author, Elevations: The Career Discovery Tool

"...will assist every manager to effectively support employees through change. This guide is a must for every manager’s bookcase!" -- Judy Gareis, Human Resources Director, Methodist Medical Group



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