Live Brain-Imaging Session (Team of 6)

Dario Nardi


Price $2,300.00

Title: Live Brain-Imaging Session (Team of 6)
By: Dario Nardi
Price: $2,300.00
Publish Date: n/a
ISBN: n/a
Number of Minutes: 2 days
Format: Individual 1-hour evaluations followed by team debrief and reports.
Weight: n/a
Availability: In person by appointment or at select events.
Product Code: 188

Turn On Your Team's Brain! apply real neuro-imaging to asses and grow your team.

Imagine peering into your brain to learn how it truly works best. Now imagine confidently building off of a rich brain-based analysis of your team to maximize its potential.

Our 21st-century technology uses passive, harmless sensors to rapidly and accurately measure brainwaves as you try various tasks. Afterward, computer analysis reveals what engages you most and brain regions that are wired from years of habits and preferences.

Each person receives a detailed private report and the whole team debriefs a composite "team brain" that shows the team's strengths, blind-spots, and polarities. This easily compliments your existing assessments and offers specific brain-based tips for leadership, work style, creative fl ow, communication, and emotional intelligence.

Based on 7 years of hands-on research that links personality and skills with brain function.

Includes individual 1-hour sessions with private debriefs ($300/person)plus a team debrief with an action plan ($500/half-day). Facilitated by award-winning trainer, author, and researcher Dario Nardi, PhD.



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