Communication Clues Card — Temperament / 16 Personality Types

Linda Berens


Price $4.00

Title: Communication Clues Card — Temperament / 16 Personality Types
By: Linda Berens
Price: $4.00
Publish Date: November 2001
ISBN: n/a
Number of Pages: 2
Format: 3" x 5" laminated color card
Weight: 0.015 lbs
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This handy 3" x 5" laminated card is a wonderful take-away for daily use of the four temperaments and 16 personality types. One side summarizes the essential dynamics of the four temperaments (Improviser, Stabilizer, Theorist, and Catalyst) including focus of attention, language use, and behaviors. These are great clues to identify each of the four temperaments. The other side is a 16-types table that visually shows the commonalities between the types. Excellent to put into an organizer so you can have it at a moment's notice or to give to clients or workshop participants for exercises and in the workplace.




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